The worst part of dealing with a graphic design company is having to commit to purchase before you even see the design.
We’re different at INSTA-POSTERS, if you see the design and don’t like it then we don’t force you into buying it.

Once you enquire we get straight to work and mockup your poster for you. Once we’ve emailed you it back you decide if you want to purchase or not. If so then you have the choice of purchasing any of the three options below.

Get the artwork for your custom Instagram poster for just £5.00

Hi-Res poster artwork

After your artwork is of the highest standard and you are completely happy with it then you have three options. This section is the Hi-Res Artwork and is included in the price of the printed and framed artwork although if you just want the artwork then we provide you with a zipped folder containing several file types so you can use your poster for whatever you may want.


Get your personal instagram poster printed for a a great price.

Printed Posters

Along with the artwork you can also purchase a printed poster either in A3, A2 or A1. Printed on amazing high quality paper, you could put this on your wall even without a frame and it will still look great.


Get yur personal instagram poster printed and framed for a great price.

Printed and Framed Posters

The final option is to also have your poster framed. We use clean, sleek frames that fit perfectly with the printed poster and look great on any wall. Your Instagram account is always growing and after a while you will have a totally new set of favourite photos. When this time comes get back in touch with us and we will update your artwork to any new photos for £2.50, half the price of the original artwork. Unfortunately we cannot re-print your poster for a discounted price.



View some of the past posters we have created for some great Instagram accounts.

Michael Scott







The following is a run-through of of how our process works.

  • STEP 1


    It all starts with that first point of contact. Once you have either decided upon purchasing a poster or you have a question for us then it's a great time to enquire. By using the form below you can make a very fast enquiry that we will reply to within the hour. If you have a question for us then please use the same form and we will aim to get back to you swiftly.

  • STEP 2

    Order confirmation and production

    Once we have received your enquiry and order confirmation, we do a serious case of 'insta-stalking' and agree with you upon the various images and some other details to include on your poster. After a day or two we will email a first proof over to you to begin the proofing process.

  • STEP 3

    Proofing Process

    The perfect situation would be that your poster is designed exactly how you want it although quite often there are small changes that need to be made. After you receive the first proof all you do is email back with the changes that need to be made, we make those changes and get it straight back to you. This process is repeated until you are entirely happy and we move onto the last step.

  • STEP 4

    Final Files & Purchase

    After the proofing process is complete we send you over some things. We send you a link to a page to pay from, many payment techniques are accepted. After payment is reveived we send you the poster artwork in a few different hi-res file types. If you opted for yor poster to be printed or printed and framed then we email the artwork to a printer that will send your printed poster right to your door.


Please fill out the form below to enquire about a poster. This form can also be used for general enquiries.